Ryan Muglia

Ryan Muglia is a photographer, a farmer and kind of a loner. He is an old soul who lives by himself in a tiny airstream on a farm where he works. He seems to enjoy the quiet and his solitude. He doesn’t leave the farm much, except for his once a week trip to Boulder to grab some coffee or maybe a solo hike someplace. He takes beautiful photographs of vast landscapes. There is a sense of desolation and loneliness in these human-less pictures. After talking to him we learned that his photographs serve as journal entries that document his own life experiences. He has a show that opens at Yore, Friday 13 October . Swing by Yore at 381 Main Street in Longmont and see some of his photos for yourself…you won’t be disappointed.

Plains to Peaks Chocolate CO.

A few weeks ago Jeff and Sunni Sylvester were kind enough to invite us to see their in home bean-to-bar chocolate factory, aka their kitchen. They showed us the ins and outs of making craft chocolate and talked to us about what it is like running their business.

Jo Kimbrell : Stand-up Mom, Stay at Home Comic

Jo is entertaining and clever, she comes across as a quirky 80’s television game show host. She has a big and vibrant personality, she knows how to play the room and work a crowd. The taproom was filled with tables and chairs that were all occupied with people. I did not expect to see so many people in the crowd and was happy to see a full house.

Rebecca Stumpf: Exed

Exed by Longmont photographer Rebecca Stumpf opens tomorrow night, March 10th at Yore. Exed is a series of new photographs that were inspired by a breakup that happened a few years back. The work investigates and reveals past relationships through the documentation of objects that now serve as relics of these intimate relationships.

Lizzy Wolf: Sugar+Butter

Lizzy Wolff who is the gal behind Sugar + Butter ( a blog specifically dedicated to her baking hobby/passion ) was kind enough to invite us into her home last weekend so we could check out what she is up to in her kitchen.

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