Who We Are

Colony is a collective of creatives, makers and small business owners who have come together to strengthen our community and showcase the unique individuals who make Longmont interesting.

Our Goals

  • To build a vibrant community of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • To cultivate a flourishing downtown that attracts locals and visitors alike.
  • To host regular events that contribute to a thriving cultural scene.
  • To support the innovative small businesses that are moving Longmont forward.

Our Story

Longmont, Colorado has been sparking idealistic passions for a long time. In 1871, a group of visionaries set out from Chicago, with the intention of creating a thriving utopian society on the Colorado plains. They named their settlement “The Chicago-Colorado Colony” and hauled building materials over an ocean of prairie to their carefully chosen site. For years, they dug and hammered their dreams into reality under the silent presence of Longs Peak, naming their new town “Longmont” in its honor.

Since then, innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and creatives have flocked to Longmont seeking their own personal ideals: An attainable home in a pleasant neighborhood, in which to raise their families and do their own thing. For decades, the garages and basements of Longmont have been home to private innovation and creative pursuits of artisans, makers, writers, musicians and entrepreneurs attempting to manifest their visions.

However, many of them have been working in isolation, and are surprised when they bump into each other. “Oh wow, you’re doing this? Here?”

Colony was formed by a group of local creatives and entrepreneurs who’d had that conversation too many times. Realizing that like-minded people felt disconnected and alone in their pursuits, we recognized a need to connect our community.

By highlighting and connecting a fresh generation of idealists who have been independently working to actualize their personal visions, we are redefining the identity of Longmont. Colony is the platform, the voice, of the new pioneers.

Make yourself known, and let’s work together to create the community we all want to live in.

Make Yourself Known

Let’s work together to create the community we all want to live in.

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